Let s Build Up the

New Eco-system

  • Assemble
  • Decentralization
  • Ecosystem
  • Brick, a Sejong brand, brings together Sejong’s outstanding network operation technology and symbolizes the key values and future of our platform.
  • These values establish a platform that enables discovery of diversified possibilities by expanding from the center and thereby realizing digital asset fluidity.
  • BlueBrick’s values are ultimately generating a new ecosystem of sharing and coexistence by connecting and expanding various principles.

Introduce to BlueBrick

This blockchain mainnet & DApp service exhibits key values and possibilities by bringing together Sejong’s outstanding network operation technology into block.
BlueBrick’s values establish a new ecosystem of freedom and coexistence with its participants by connecting and expanding various principles.

  • 01.

    Blockchain platform characteristics

    Our blockchain platform can be further applied to actual business due to Sejong Telecom’s strong telecommunication infrastructure alongside our independently developed mainnet. We are pursuing to establish economic platform of profit sharing and coexistence to pioneer joining forces with companies wanting to apply and participate in the platform to a wide range of areas.

  • 02.

    BlueBrick’s Values

    BlueBrick’s Values are an expression of confidence and responsibility towards Sejong’s outstanding network operation technology. Moreover, the company exhibits key values and possibilities by bringing together the outstanding blockchain technology as researched and developed by Sejong Telecom. Significance has been endowed on the function and service goal of enhancing the value of customer assets by connecting and expanding various subjects as if piling blocks one on top of another, by realizing stable and accurate time stamp recording technology for each block (thereby leading to expansion of new business). Ultimately, BlueBrick will create a new economic ecosystem for Sejong Telecom and participants to share profit and coexist.

  • 03.

    The Meaning of BlueBrick


    Blue is an expression of stability, reliability, sincerity, and responsibility.


    Brick is a symbol of a block, which is the basic unit of blockchain.

  • 01.

    Blockchain platform characteristics

  • 02.

    BlueBrick’s Values

  • 03.

    The Meaning of BlueBrick


    Multi-sized chain structure.

    Limitless expansion through the generation of a side chain for each service group.

    Guaranteed quick processing speed due to parallel processing of transactions by means of structural decentralization.

    Minimization of other service traffic effects due to decentralization of the chain for each group.


    Introduction of POA-agreed algorithm.

    Improvement of transaction processing speed through adoption of the most intuitive algorithm available (Proof of Authority).

    Improvement of transaction determination speed with a block generation cycle of 1 seconds.

    Guaranteed minimum TPS.

    Guaranteed minimum of 1,000TPS.

    In the event of needing a large capacity TPS, support can be provided with the composition of an additional side chain to which an advanced specification server will be applied.


    Security enhancement.

    Since this is an Ethereum-based blockchain, falsification and forgery are not possible.

    Approval-type network with differentiated access authority.

    Application of security system network at a level equivalent to that of the financial sector.

    Improvement of stability.

    Provides a 20G network.

    Holds in-house IDC (Yeoksam / Bundang / Busan) and applies more than 20 years of operational know-how.


    No transaction fees.

    Easily applied to new block chain business

    Supports Web/App Wallet and blockchain explorer.

    Supports integrated Wallet and explorer to enable partner companies to fully focus on business.

    Technical support for partner companies.

    Supports business DAPP development technology.

    Provide API for convenience in development.


    Inter Exchange

    Supports exchange function between internal tokens.

    In the future, will support exchange function with external blockchain coins and tokens (scheduled).


BlueBrick is a customized type of 'Private Blockchain' for each service and is capable of unlimited expansion. BlueBrick is capable of decentralized processing through multi-chains for each service and decentralized data can be exchanged through the Inter-Exchange Chain. BlueBrick, which is a service-oriented blockchain, guarantees high speeds due to parallel processing of transactions by means of structural decentralization, and effectively creates blockchain suitable for service. With a block generation cycle of 1 second, BlueBrick is capable of providing customized support for all partner companies needing large capacity TPS. Moreover, it supports a security infrastructure at the level of the financial sector by means of a broadband internal/external network and the most advanced security applications, such as Network APT and Layer 7 Switch, etc., along with independently held IDC in Yeoksam, Bundang, and Busan. As such, we guarantee the security and stability of the blockchain.